Harassing or Obscene Phone Calls

If you receive an annoying, harassing or obscene call, please follow these tips:

  • Do not react to it; reacting may encourage the caller.
  • Hang up at the first obscene word.
  • Upon realizing it is a malicious call, casually say "Security, start the trace now" and press your * key once. The caller will think you are tracing the call and will probably hang up and stop harassing you.
  • If you receive more than one malicious call within a short period, don't answer your phone for 24-48 hours. Let your calls go to voice mail. The caller will probably give up.
  • If a malicious call is left in your voice mail, forward it to the Director of Safety and Security at 651-696-6218.  While listening, or shortly after the message ends, press 7 3; then press 5 to record a message for Security that includes your name, phone number, date and time the call was left in your mailbox.  Press # when finished speaking; then 7 9 to complete the forward.  The original message will stay in your mailbox until you delete it by pressing 7 6.
  • If more than one malicious call is left in your voice mail within a short period, have someone else record your voice mail greeting - do not include your name or phone number in the greeting; they may think you changed your number.
  • If the above tips have not stopped the calls, call Telecommunications at 651-696-6566 to discuss other options.

Remember that you control your telephone!