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Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching

Write Well micro video lecutres.
Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
Library 338

Adrienne Christiansen
Serie Center Director
Associate Professor of Political Science

Marga Miller
Program Manager
Library 338b

Theresa Klauer
Program Assistant
Library 338a

Special Announcements

Fall Academic Issues Retreat (FAIR) 

Provost Karine Moe warmly invites you to attend the FAIR—the Fall Academic Issues Retreat, Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17. Our theme, “Advising and Inclusivity,” highlights new research, compelling speakers, innovative programs on other campuses, and “advice on advising” from Macalester’s own faculty, staff and alumni. We aim to provide information and hands-on activities to help you enrich your advising practices and make the campus a more inclusive place for all of our students to learn and grow.

Please join us for this exciting kick-off to the Year of Advising at Macalester.   Please click to see the full schedule of events and to register.

This event is sponsored by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.