If you have experienced a recent sexual assault

Call someone for support (trusted friend/911/RA/Security)

Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey County (SOS) 24-hour crisis: 651-266-1000
A trained advocate can accompany you to the hospital and provide information, support, and advocacy during the evidence collection process.

On Call Residential Life Staff 651-696-6215
Can support you as you decide what you'd like to do and can connect you to appropriate resources.

Campus Security 651-696-6555
Available as a first option to report a crime and can arrange for the support and assistance you need.

Sexual Assault Support Team
for support or guidance in the process.

Get medical attention

Both your physical and emotional well-being are important. You could have an internal injury, a sexually transmitted disease, or become pregnant. A medical exam could also provide important evidence for prosecution. If you go to a hospital for evidence collection and medical attention, law enforcement officers are able to take your statement at the hospital if you chose to file a report with the police. If you go to a clinic (like a Planned Parenthood) for medical attention, law enforcement will not be called.

Don’t bathe, douche, or change clothes

Washing or changing clothes may remove forensic evidence. If you do bathe, douche, or change clothes, a hospital will still provide a forensic evidence exam. If you are considering reporting your assault to law enforcement, a forensic exam should be completed within a 72 hour period after an assault.

Make a report

Making a report is not the same as pressing charges or deciding to go through campus disciplinary proceedings. You can make a report with campus security or the police even if you are unsure if you want to move forward with any formal process. The decision is completely up to you and can be decided at a later time. A member of the campus Sexual Assault Support Team can assist you in preparing or making a report.

If you suspect you have experienced a drug facilitated sexual assault or were given what’s commonly called a “date rape drug” go to the hospital immediately. These drugs can harm you and any evidence of the drug leaves the body quickly.

Reporting Procedures

Online Anonymous Report Form

Sexual Assault Reporting Procedures flyer

Also see: Student Sexual Assault Resource Guide (pdf)