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These summer research opportunities are open to Macalester students only.

Developmental Biology Research Opportunity at the University of Arizona
 Study heart cell development and differentiation in Tucson in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of Arizona.  No previous research experience required. UAZ Application Application Closed

Macalester HHMI Research Initiative-Data Scientists (MHRI-DS)
Data Scientists will work with Macalester faculty or with faculty from another institution on research in a variety of areas that involve large or complex data sets.  Data Scientists are typically rising juniors or seniors in the natural sciences, math, computer science or geography. Data Scientists InformationApplication Closed

Macalester HHMI Research Initiative-Young Researchers (MHRI-YR)
Young Researchers will work together in the labs of Professors Lin Aanonsen and Sarah Boyer at Macalester. In addition to the summer research, participants will meet several times before the end of the spring term, as well as in the fall for preparation and reflection. Young Researchers are typically rising sophomores or juniors and have little or no research experience. Young Researchers Information Application Closed

Data Scientist at the MN Dept of Health
The student will learn about methods of public health surveillance and epidemiologic investigations and studies, and how principles of computation and data management operate in a public health setting in the Injury and Violence Prevention Unit (IVPU). The student will participate in public health research, performing statistical analysis using quantitative research software. IVPU Application Application Closed

Research Assistant: Health Risk Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Activities
There is an opportunity for 1-2 motivated students for Summer 2014 to assist with investigations of the health risks related to hydraulic fracturing activities. Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) involves injecting large volumes of highly pressurized fluid containing a variety of toxic substances into wells to move natural gas and oil from rock pores to production wells. Hydraulic fracturing poses possible concerns for the general public. The research assistant/s will work on a multidisciplinary project, supervised by faculty at the University of Minnesota and Macalester who specialize in the biological sciences and environmental health. The work will involve mining public databases for health effects information on the constituents of the fluid used in hydraulic fracturing. The data on a range of health effects, such as carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity, will be compiled in a fully annotated database, and then used to develop a toxicological score to indicate the potential health hazard associated with exposure. The application is closed.

Academic Health Sciences Summer Research Program (AHSSRP)
The Academic Health Sciences Summer Research Program is a collaborative program between Macalester and the University of Minnesota. Macalester students work in the lab of physician-scientists at the U of MN for 10 weeks. The program focuses on students who are considering careers in medicine, biomedical research, pharmacy, dentistry or a combination of those fields. U.S. citizenship is not required for application to this program. Note that program begins on May 29, 2014.  AHSSRP Application Application Closed

Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Minnesota
This opportunity is in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology in the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota.  Dr Martina Bazzaro's research aims to develop targeted therapies for treatment of ovarian and HPV-associated cervical cancer, to develop and characterize new biomarkers for early-detection and progression of ovarian cancer, and to understand the role of angiogenesis in ovarian cancer progression. Dr Bazarro Application Application Closed

Jan Serie Fellowship
The Jan Serie Fund was created to support student-faculty collaborative research and is awarded as a fellowship to provide stipend support for students doing full time research during the summer in any area of science or math. Research may take place at Macalester or another site, but all proposals and projects require a Macalester faculty mentor/sponsor who will participate and advise the student during the research experience.
Jan Serie Research Fellowship Application A