Below is a list of campus opportunities to engage with students, faculty, and staff about issues of community and identity open to any member of Macalester.

Allies Project

Participation in the Allies Project gives faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe environment for all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, or ability. Allies provide support and resources to individuals and/or groups who are exploring their own feelings and/or struggling with issues related to their multiple identities.

Contact: Alina Wong,, Lealtad-Suzuki Center, or Jim Hoppe,, Office of Student Affairs

Compassionate Conversations

A monthly roundtable series hosted by the Macalester Multifaith Council. Discussions cover an array of topics, ranging from specifically religious-spiritual interests to larger community concerns viewed from faith perspectives. Whatever the topic of conversation, focus is brought to qualities of dialogue that include the intelligence of the heart and the intimacy of listening that deepen human connections.

Contact: Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, x6298.

Country Spotlights

Opportunities for participants to learn, ask questions, and engage in conversations about an International students’ home country.

Contact: International Student Programs, x6849.

Covenant Groups

Opportunities to be in small groups that meet to explore life questions. Students may choose to meet around specific interests or meet as an open-agenda group. Typically, participants commit to an agreed number of meetings to establish communities of trust and challenge, requisite for extending the quality of engagement.

Contact: Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, x6298.

Dharma Encounters

Offers a weekly practice of expanding zazen meditation practice to a different form, where mindfulness is brought to bear upon how we "meet" one another via language and dialogue. Participants bring questions/topics of personal interest for discussion, then engage one another in the practice: speaking from the heart, listening attentively and not reactively, speaking from the marrow of one's truth, and participating in the immediacy-intimacy-transparency of the moment. Program of Sitting@Mac.

Contact: Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, x6298.

Dinner and Discussion

A monthly roundtable series hosted by Mac Protestants. Participants share in topical discussions about matters of Christian faith, while enjoying a taste of home cooking in the CRSL.

Contact: Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, x6298.

Fresh Fridays

Held one Friday each month in the Cultural House, this event allows students to relieve stress and build community while getting to know one another in a fun environment. Past activities included cookie decorating, waffle-sundae bar, and a community mural project.

Contact: Cultural House, x6243.

Holla Back Café

Held once each semester, the Cultural House is transformed into a coffee house to create an environment where the Macalester community is invited to enjoy hot drinks, sweet treats, and dialogue on critical topics. The C-House staff chooses the topic and facilitates conversations, providing an open space for people to “holla back” with their opinions, perspectives and concerns.

Contact: Cultural House, x6243.

In the Kitchen With...

A weekly program that brings students, staff and faculty together in conversations that center around topics related to race, culture, and identity in a safe and welcoming space while sharing a good meal. Cultural organizations, student groups, academic departments, and other offices and programs are invited to host ITKW. The C-House provides the space and $50 toward food, and the host prepares the meal.

Contact: Cultural House, x6243.

Issue Conversations

Organized dialogue and education on issues on campus. Areas include Women & Gender, Environment & Sustainability, College Access, Economic Justice, Public Policy, Youth, Global Opportunities. Student organizers publish an online newsletter for their particular area that promotes opportunities for discussion and action. Contact the Civic Engagement Center for more information or to subscribe to the newsletters.

Additional Critical Conversations

  • November conversations and events on Hunger and Homelessness
  • December conversations around World Aids Day
  • February/March - Day at the Capitol, advocating for the MN State Grant Program
  • March - programs around Women's History Month Ø March/April - Civic Forum
  • April dialogues during Earth Week.

Contacts: Ruth Janisch Lake, or Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby,

Residence Hall Community Meetings

Monthly residence hall community meetings are opportunities for residence hall communities to come together to address campus, hall, or floor issues. These meetings are focused particularly on helping raise and resolve community issues and to build relationships within the community.

Contact: Residence Life, x6215.

Soup and Substance

A monthly program designed to bring Macalester students, staff, and faculty together to engage in topics related to identity, culture, and community and to hear the voices of people that have been historically silenced.

Contact: Lealtad-Suzuki Center, x6243.

Student Identity Collectives

These are on-going opportunities for students to talk together about identity and diversity issues within their specific collectives and in inter-group dialogues. Each collective group is facilitated by trained faculty, staff, and students. Groups are organized around racial identity groups as an entry point to look at all of our multiple identities as we look at power and privilege in today’s global society. You must identify with the collective you wish to join

  • Asian Women of the Diaspora
  • Black Women of the Diaspora
  • Gender Variant
  • Men of Color
  • Mixed People
  • Queers of Color
  • White Identity
  • Women of Color

Contact: Lealtad-Suzuki Center, x6243.

Student Organizations

Many student organizations on campus provide spaces where students can engage with one another around pertinent issues of identity, culture, and oppression. These experiences can be found in cultural organizations, among organizations that are politically-focused, or through specific programming offered by many other organizations. Staff in the Campus Programs Office can assist students in exploring their options and learning more about student organizations.

Contact: Campus Programs, x6644

Support Groups

As Is

GLBT support group facilitated by GLBT identified faculty and staff.

Contacts: Jim Hoppe,, Student Affairs Office, Allison Greenlee,, Campus Programs, or Don Deboer,, Health & Wellness Center

Sexual Assault Support Group

A bi-weekly support group open to all gender survivors of sexual assault, harassment or other forms of sexual violence.

Contacts: Mia Nosanow,, Health and Wellness Center, or Michael Klitzke,, Residence Life.

Tapas Series

A monthly series of programs aimed at highlighting diversity and multiculturalism within the Macalester community. Each Tapas program focuses on a different cultural aesthetic, ideal, or custom of a particular community.

Contact: Lealtad-Suzuki Center, x6243.


An opportunity for Macalester students to express themselves and showcase their artistic talents. Through teaching and performing, Xpressions aims to provide participants with greater appreciation and knowledge of different art forms, including spoken word, poetry, music, painting, drawing, sculpture, theater, dance, film, photography, research, and design.

Contact: Lealtad-Suzuki Center, x6243.