If you have been the victim of an intolerant act of any kind there are things you can do that will assist in your recovery and in the prevention of future incidents.

Medical Attention

The first step is always to ensure your physical safety and to get medical attention if needed.

Health and Wellness Center
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9-5
Tuesdays 9 AM -7 PM

List of after-hours medical resources

Regions Hospital
640 Jackson Street
St. Paul, MN 55101

Emotional Support

Depending on the nature of the incident, different levels of support may be more appropriate than
others, although everyone responds to and heals from traumatic events differently. Some
suggestions include:

  • Remember that it is not your fault. No one deserves to be targeted for hate, bias, or violence.
  • Write in a journal
  • Talk to a friend, mentor, or person you trust
  • Seek support and information about options, in a confidential setting, from such resources as the Office of Student Affairs, the Department of Multicultural Life, or the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. See the Contact Us Page for some place on campus that you can visit.
  • Seek counseling at the Health and Wellness Center or off campus for emotional distress. After hours mental health emergency information

Document the Incident

Write a factual description of the occurrence including the date, the time, and a brief description of the incident. This will be helpful if you decide to report the incident. It is also helpful to take a picture of any evidence that exists. You may seek assistance with your documentation through such resources as the Sexual Assault Support Team, or a member of the Office of Student Affairs, Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, or Department of Multicultural Life

Report the Incident

We understand the difficulty and distress that you may be experiencing. Still, we want to encourage you to report the incident(s) as soon as you are ready. Whenever you choose to do so, or even if you choose not to report, please know that support and assistance are available to you through the various resources throughout this difficult process. Reports can be made online [link] and can be made anonymously. You may also report the incident by contacting one of the offices below. Reporting an incident does not mean you need to proceed with a disciplinary or civil

Office of Student Affairs: 651-696-6220
Campus Security: 651-696-6555
Macalester College Harassment Committee
St. Paul Police Department
Emergency: 911 Non-emergency: 651-291-1111

Harassment/Sexual Harassment

Specific information on Sexual Harassment

  • Don't blame yourself
  • Please tell someone, such as friends, RA's, advisors, family. Chances are that you are not the only victim.
  • Identify an advocate, someone who can give you emotional support as well as help and information about informal and formal institutional procedures. Seek out available resources that are here to assist you such as the Office of Student Affairs or a member of the Macalester College Harassment Committee.
  • Save evidence such as letters, answering machine and e-mail messages, etc.
  • When the harasser attempts any interaction with you, if you are able to, ask him/her to stop contacting you, or walk away or hang up the telephone.


  • Create a safe environment
  • Report suspicious activity to Campus Security
  • When going places, walk with friends
  • At night, walk in well lit areas where there are people around
  • Change your phone number and make sure it is unlisted

Physical and/or Sexual Abuse

  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • To protect yourself you may need to seek temporary residence at a friend's or family member's house, a shelter, etc.
  • When going places, walk with friends
  • Document the incident(s) including time, date, location and a brief factual description of the incident
  • You may file a temporary restraining order
  • Seek campus and community resources for counseling and support
  • Seek campus advocacy resources for learning about your options

Rape/Sexual Assault

More information on Sexual Assault

Specific support services for victims of sexual violence include:

Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey County (SOS)
24-hour crisis phone: 651-643-3006
Business phone: 651-643-3022

Student Sexual Assault Resource Guide (pdf) (resources for survivors of assault)

Sexual Assault Response Guide (pdf) (resource for friends of survivors)
SAST (Sexual Assault Support Team)


Create a safe environment for yourself:

  • When going places, walk with friends
  • At night, only walk in well lit areas where there are people around
  • If you are alone when you notice the stalker following you, go immediately into the nearest public building and call the police
  • Change your phone number and make sure it is unlisted
  • Avoid engaging in conversations or arguments with the stalker
  • Keep a log of the stalker's attempts to contact or see you (including in person, through
    friends or family, by telephone or e-mail, etc.,) including time date, location and a brief
    factual description of the encounter.
  • You may file a temporary restraining order
  • Know where you can go for help and keep those numbers with you