Mac Community Advisors

The college recognizes that there may be circumstances in which an employee may need confidential, impartial, independent and non‐adversarial alternatives to resolve a workplace problem or conflict. The college has established the role of the “Mac Community Advisor (MCA)” to assist in such circumstances.

Mac Community Advisors are trained to listen, discuss concerns, answer questions about campus resources, assess and make referrals, and help develop options for informally managing and resolving problems or conflicts in the workplace. The Advisor’s role is to be impartial and to provide a neutral and safe environment for issue resolution discussions. The Advisor can be a resource to assist employees in resolving issues outside of the normal management structure. The Advisors may choose to refer colleagues to the Macalester College Harassment Committee process or t the Employment Services office for employee relations assistance. Also, upon receiving permission from those seeking support, the Advisor can bring concerns to the attention of college management.

2011-12 Community Advisors

Kendrick Brown
Becky Hoye

Cindy Haarstad
Barron Koralesky
Kate Walker