Student Handbook


Chartered student organizations may wish to raise money for their group or for a particular project. Organizations seeking information on appropriate projects may contact a staff member of Campus Programs to identify worthwhile projects. On-campus fundraising includes the sale of goods or services to members of the Macalester College community. Off-campus fundraising includes the solicitation of individuals or businesses outside the campus community for resources. All Macalester College fundraising activities are conducted under the auspices of the College's Advancement Office.

Any fundraising project must be approved by the Associate Director for Campus Programs or his/her designee. The approval process includes the completion of a Student Organization Fundraising Proposal Form and a meeting to review plans associated with the fundraising project, as there may be specific campus policies and state and local laws that must be considered.

The Student Organization Fundraising Proposal Form and specific guidelines for student organizations planning fundraising activities can be found in the Student Organization Handbook.