Gabrielle Lawrence

Gabrielle LawrenceGabrielle Lawrence
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement

Weyerhaeuser 104

I spend my day connecting with alumni and thinking up ways to strengthen those relationships through communications, large events, small gatherings and volunteer opportunities. I listen a lot. I make new friends and meet interesting people every day. I send and receive a lot of e-mail and regular mail. I write. I recruit volunteers. I go to alumni funerals and birthday parties. I travel to meet alumni, and have lunch with them here in Minnesota (8,000 here!). I meet with faculty about special projects and with students. I staff the Alumni Board of Directors and the Parents Council and work with chapter leaders around the country.

I can help you find other alumni, organize an event in your area, answer questions about reunions, help you find a student intern or a Macalester grad to hire, point you to interesting events on campus, introduce you to current faculty, talk to your kids about Macalester, change your class year affiliation, take you on a tour, listen to your concerns, send you a bumpersticker, add you to the e-mail newsletter list, find your sophmore roommate. I cannot change your grade for that one class or send a transcript.

About Me
Macalester Class of 1973, interdisciplinary major in science and humanities, former dancer, 20 years in hospital administration, happily married, and a parent of many happy and talented children who are all art majors of some variation. I volunteer, I write and I participate in the usual baby boomer activities of gardening, yoga, bicycling, reading, cooking, and worrying about the world.