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December 6th, 2012
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Sustainabiltiy Bulletin Board
Recycle Your Holidays!
Sustainable Travel
6 Ways to GREEN your Winter Break
Doha Climate Change Conference
Hello everyone! 


This month we are thinking about DISASTERS. We have incorporated this UN focus theme into our events, discussions, and educational pieces for December.


 The number and intensity of natural disasters is increasing. 

The number of lives affected and money spent mitigating these disasters is also increasing. 


H. Katrina, US, 2005   Tsunami, Japan, 2011   Tornado, US, 2011 

Hurricane Sandy, US, 2012    Massive Flooding, Pakistan, 2011


Intense Heatwave, Europe, 2003


Keep thinking and I hope you all have a fantastic break! Happy holidays and stay warm!

Emily Sylvestre
Macalester News and Events


Olin Rice 250 at noon, refreshments provided


EnviroThursdays will be back in February!

New Sustainability Bulletin Board in Olin Rice!
Visit the new bulletin board in the environmental science wing of Olin Rice for information on: 
  • Sustainability Office
  • Events
  • Rio +20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development
  • Monthly Themes (Energy, Oceans, Water, Food, Waste, Cities, Disasters, Jobs)
  • Sustainability happenings in the Twin Cities and beyond!
Recycle Your Holidays!
Through the Recycling Association of Minnesota
you can now recycle your old:
  • Electric Cords
  • Holiday Lights
  • Telephone cords
  • Appliance cords

Macalester is a drop of location! Bring your used lights to the bins in the basement of the Campus Center and at the Sustainability Office on the first floor of Kagin Commons

Mac Free Swap!
Feel free to stop by the Mac Free Swap, located next to the Sustainability Office in Kagin, to check out all the awesome and FREE stuff, including WATER BOTTLES from the lost and found washed by the Information Desk! Also, we are always looking for donations- so if you have extra things sitting around, that someone else may find useful, feel free to drop them off!
For a list of available items or to advertise items you want to give away - check out the free swap list on 1600 grand under the "campus resources" tab (right side).
Wrapping Paper Alternatives:
Wrapping paper and ribbons are a traditionally crucial part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, most wrapping materials are NOT RECYCLABLE.
10 alternatives to traditional wrapping paper that can be just as festive but more eco-friendly:
1. Old or out-dated maps
2.Paper bags
3. Newspaper
5. Boxes
6. Old calenders
7. Children's Art
8. Wallpaper samples
9. Jars and cans
10. Be creative and come up with your own ideas!

Check it Out!
Sustainable Travel
A plane emits an average of 244 pounds of C02 per 
mile traveled.
 CAPACITY- 50-200 people
The average car emits about 1.2 pounds of CO2 per mile traveled.
 CAPACITY- 5-8 people
Three ways you can reduce your travel emissions when going home for winter break:
1. Take bus or train when practical
Bus and train travel emits about half of the CO2 of plane travel!
2. Direct flights when possible
 Travel fewer miles, emit less CO2!
3. Carpool with friends
There are a lot of Mac students from cities like Eau Claire, Madison, Duluth, and Chicago. Network with fellow students to carpool! Save money and reduce CO2 emissions!
Find more information about sustainable travel online:
Travel Calculator- check out this tool for calculating the environmental impact of your travel plans
Amtrak Information from twin cities- try out the Amtrak train system to reach your break destination! 
Megabus Information- A lot of our hometowns are also accessible by use of the Megabus (especially if you are from the Midwest!)- this is an additional alternative to try out.
6 Ways to GREEN your Winter Break 

1. Recycle your old papers
Recycle all that paper you used this fall!
2. Shop Online
Reduce emissions by doing your last minute shopping from home rather than driving out to the malls!
3. Calculate your carbon footprint
Take some of your free time to understand your personal impact on the environment. The EPA has great in depth program that calculates your carbon usage.
4. Do some green reading
 Here are some ideas:
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things - William McDonough
The Empty Ocean - Richard Ellis
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals - Michael Pollan
5. Bundle up!
Avoid cranking the heat by staying warm the old fashioned way - heavy sweaters and hot chocolate!
6.Create "Green year" resolutions
Think about the ways you could reduce your personal environmental impact and resolve to make those ideas a reality in the new year!

For more ideas check out this website:
International Sustainability
We have a new feature this year, a bi-weekly news update in which we will be summarizing news items happening in the wider world.  

The following page is updated periodically to keep the Macalester community up-to-date with global sustainability happenings:

Feel free to send any news articles, feedback and comments to Zhe Yu Lee at 
A few recent events:
International climate change talks will be happening in Qatar until December 7th.

There has been frustration at the low progress of climate talks. Small islands states are criticizing rich nations such as the US.
A few interesting websites to browse:

An interactive website focusing on the Great Lakes the "last great water supply of fresh drinking water on earth."
Check it out it is seriously cool and well made! is a fresh, new eco-lifestyle community filled with enthusiasm for all things eco-related. 



Off-Campus Happenings
Have a great break and check back for more opportunities this spring!


Internship and Grant Opportunities!
Sustainability Small Project Fund
Rolling Deadline
The Sustainability Office has designated a portion of
its funding to support small on-campus projects 
that promote sustainability through creative and 
innovative action.  If possible, projects should encourage
collaboration between faculty, staff, and students.  An individual or a group can apply for up to $1,000 in funding. 
Applications are rolling but funding is limited.  
Click  HERE  for the application. Questions should be 
directed to or X8138.   


Contact the Sustainability Office!


We are located on the first floor of Kagin Commons, on the right-hand side as you enter the main area. The student-worker desk is located underneath the Sustainability Office sign, and Suzanne's office (our lovely Sustainability Manager) is located nearby in room 124.

Email us!
To contact...
A student worker:
Sustainability Manager, Suzanne Savanick Hansen:

Send one of your student workers to the Sustainability Student Worker Network!
Assign one of your students to work on sustainability issues for your department and send the Sustainability Office their contact information. We will assist with project planning and connect them with a twice-a-month sustainability network meeting.  


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