Sustainable Landscape Master Plan
The Sustainable Landscape Master Plan comprehensively addresses the sustainability of the Macalester College campus grounds while maintaining a beautiful landscape. This plan is intended as a dynamic document that will provide direction into the future. This plan was created with input from students, faculty, administrators, and campus landscape management staff. The plan is designed to meet the landscaping and stormwater goals of the 2009 Sustainability Plan and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Roofs
You can't see it when walking to class, but two buildings on campus are alive!  A student-led group installed the college's first green roof on the "fishbowl" between Turck and Doty residence halls in spring 2006. Later that year, they wrote a successful proposal for a $10,000 grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and installed a more extensive green roof atop Kagin Commons. The plantings used on green roofs reduce heating and cooling loads on a building and reduce the urban heat island effect, while increasing roof lifespan, reducing water runoff and filtering pollutants out of the air and water. The projects were a collaborative effort between MacCARES student group, the Environmental Studies Department, Facilities Management, and the Development Office.
A presentation about the green roof project
MacCares Student Group

The prairie south of Olin-Rice Hall under the wind turbine represents a piece of our heritage that once stretched from St. Paul west to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and extended from southern Canada to Mexico. The Mac Prairie contains over 80 species of flowers and grasses.

Rain Garden
Rain gardens help keep our rivers clean by reducing the amount of water that runs off into our storm drains. The rain garden demonstrates Mac's commitment to improving the health of our watershed by utilizing nature's design.
Creating a Rainwater Garden - Report by ES Seminar students, Spring 2002

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