Sustainability Student Network

Jessica Del Fiacco  Jessica Del Fiacco '16
Job: Library Office- Student Aide
Who I Am: I am a first-year student from Northwestern Wisconsin.
Projects: I collect and sort the paper from various locations and then deliver it to Document Services to be made into Onesies.
Goals: To make recycling easier and more common than throwing things away.


Erin PorterErin Porter '16
Job: Library Office Student Aide
Who I Am: I am a first year student from Aztec, New Mexico. I am a big proponent of creating sustainability in our communities, and in high school I helped create a program for recycling computer paper in my school. I love the wonderful outdoors and traveling. I am currently undecided on a major, but I am considering something in the Humanities or possibly International Studies.
Projects: I am currently part of the sustainability team in the library, and I work with the team on the Onesies project as well as other projects in the library.
Goals: In the long-term, my goal is to help dramatically decrease the amount of paper printed in the library and around campus, though helping Macalester become more sustainable in general would be wonderful too. I am also seeking to spread knowledge of sustainability practices to the community and beyond.