Sustainability Student Network

Jessica Del Fiacco  Jessica Del Fiacco '16
Job: Library Office- Student Aide
Who I Am: I am a first-year student from Northwestern Wisconsin.
Projects: I collect and sort the paper from various locations and then deliver it to Document Services to be made into Onesies.
Goals: To make recycling easier and more common than throwing things away.

Erin PorterErin Porter '16
Job: Library Office Student Aide
Who I Am: I am a first year student from Aztec, New Mexico. I am a big proponent of creating sustainability in our communities, and in high school I helped create a program for recycling computer paper in my school. I love the wonderful outdoors and traveling. I am currently undecided on a major, but I am considering something in the Humanities or possibly International Studies.
Projects: I am currently part of the sustainability team in the library, and I work with the team on the Onesies project as well as other projects in the library.
Goals: In the long-term, my goal is to help dramatically decrease the amount of paper printed in the library and around campus, though helping Macalester become more sustainable in general would be wonderful too. I am also seeking to spread knowledge of sustainability practices to the community and beyond.

Gabby QueenanGabby Queenen '15
Zero Waste and Recycling Coordinator
Who I Am: I am currently a sophomore at Macalester and I am majoring in Environmental Science and Political Science with a Spanish minor. I am from Bedford, Massachusetts and I am from a close-knit North Eastern family that loves the outdoors.
Projects: As a Zero Waste and Recycling Coordinator, my focus will be on developing a Zero Waste mentality here at Macalester. I'm hoping to develop some student led projects that will allow for student engagement in volunteering for recycling initiatives as well as increased education for the student body with regards to the initiatives Macalester has already worked so hard to create.
Goals: My vision for Macalester is a campus that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. I would love to see a campus that incorporates sustainability into every aspect of student and faculty life with ease, from accessible composting units on campus to greener technology use from all departments.

Emma StoutEmma Stout '15
Job: Energy Efficiency Coordinator, Facilities Department
Who I am: I'm a sophomore Environmental Studies major from Roseville, Minnesota. On campus, I'm involved with the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, as well as an organization called Food Roots. This summer I worked as a teacher intern at Breakthrough Saint Paul.
Projects: I'm interested in developing programs to educate members of the community about how to reduce energy consumption at Mac.
Goals: In my ideal world, everyone would have access to clean air and water and healthy, organic food.