Global problem: In 2011, 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were attributable to transportation. The high emissions and fossil fuel energy use and dependency wrought by our society’s attachment to car transport pose major problems for a sustainable future.
Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Local solution: Macalester has implemented a number of programs to mitigate the necessity of traveling by car. Mac offers subsidized bus passes to make commuting around the area more sustainable for students. MacBikes also allows students to rent bicycles from the library as another form of transportation. Twin Cities organizations NiceRide bike share and HOURCAR car share both have hubs next to campus enabling even greater sustainable transit options that don’t entail car ownership.

How we’re doing: Mac’s Summer 2013 Bike/Walk to Work Day was more successful than ever, and an electric vehicle charging station has arrived on campus.
Macalester Implements Electric Vehicle Charging Station