Global problem:  In 2011, 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were attributable to transportation. The high emissions and fossil fuel energy use and dependency wrought by our society’s attachment to car transport pose major problems for a sustainable future.
Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Local solution:  Macalester has implemented a number of programs to mitigate the necessity of traveling by car.

  • Subsidized Bus Passes - As part of our American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, Mac offers subsidized bus passes to make commuting around the area more sustainable for students. Bus and light rail passes can be purchased (with a Macalester ID) from the info desk in the Campus Center. Students can purchase an $11.00 valued pass for only $6.60. A semester-long pass with unlimited rides, costs $87.50. Please note that the stored value cards do not work on the light rail unless a transfer ticket from the bus is used.  Watch for new "Go To Card" options coming soon!
  • Bicycling Options - MacBike also allows students to check out a free bicycle from the library as another form of transportation [add the link from the library here].  A NiceRide bike share hub is also available next to campus. For more information on bike rental, go to: Bike share
  • Car Sharing - HOURCAR has a hub next to campus and students age 18 and up with a valid driving license and clean record can become a member and have access to the car share program. HOURCAR
  • Car2Go - car2go is a new way to get around Minneapolis and St. Paul. With over 500 smart cars throughout the Twin Cities, there’s always a car2go near you. You can check the app, website or give them a call to locate the nearest vehicle. If you see one parked on the street, you can even take it right from there. You can take the vehicle for as long or short of a time as you’d like. They charge 41¢ per minute for the time you use car2go, or $15/hour for longer trips. Once you’re finished with the vehicle, park it on the street and sign out. There are no fixed rental stations for car2go so you can leave it almost anywhere. Park it outside your house, at a friend’s house, or near school. You can even leave car2go at parking meters. City parking meters are pre-paid by car2go, so you just pull up and walk away. There has never been such a convenient way to get around the cities. The easiest way to locate vehicles is by using the car2go Smartphone application. Download the app for or Android: Tip: Reserve vehicles for up to 30 minutes prior to your rental, free of charge. Students receive Free Membership plus 30 Free Driving Minutes. Register at, use promo code: “College” and enter student information by December 31, 2014. Call 877-488-4224 or email with any questions. car2go

How we’re doing:  Mac’s Summer 2013 Bike/Walk to Work Day was more successful than ever, and an electric vehicle charging station has arrived on campus.
Macalester Implements Electric Vehicle Charging Station