Demonstrating leadership by encouraging innovation and action to foster sustainable communities (PCC)

Macalester is committed to being a leader among institutions of higher education to create an optimal educational experience, demonstrate sustainable business practices, and foster sustainable communities. Macalester understands that its commitment to sustainability must reflect its interdependency with other local and global communities and ecosystems. As well, we believe that our economic prospects rest on the flourishing of sustainable economic practices and activities, and we recognize the liability that unsustainable industries invariably pose.

Using the lens of sustainability, Macalester will teach and practice local and global citizenship. We will support sustainable community development beyond the campus by proactively engaging the broader community in the transition to sustainability. The college will use its purchasing power (alone or in purchasing pools) and educational actions to influence and provide examples of sustainable behavior. Macalester’s commitment to looking beyond its own boundaries to make the world more sustainable (rather than simply minimizing its institutional negative impact) is a crucial responsibility that is reflective of the college’s core values.

Leadership, operations and education are the strategic directions that guide Macalester’s sustainability plan. Within these broad categories, we have developed goals and strategies, the majority of which were refined from the recommendations of the 2009 Environmental Studies Senior Seminar’s Climate Action Plan Recommendations, and the priorities identified by the sustainability strategic planning team. To ensure the plan is comprehensive, goals and strategies were added to address a handful of specific issues and responsible parties and deadlines are listed, if applicable.

Macalester recognizes that achieving sustainability is an ongoing process. The goals in this report are intended to guide the college’s progress and are not meant to be limiting.