Macalester College: Zero Waste by 2020

Macalester, like all institutions, does not have full control over all of the waste generated on campus; some waste will be generated inevitably. Thus, Macalester adheres to the widely accepted Zero Waste International Alliance standard, which states that Zero Waste Institutions divert 90 percent of waste from landfills and incinerators.

Zero Waste Programs

  • Composting started on campus January 1, 2013.
  • Mac Free Swap is an online and physical trading program launched in 2009. Use the  online version on 1600grand via the Campus Resources tab or visit the drop off site, for small items only, in Kagin Commons.
  • Planning a Zero Waste Event
  • Eco-friendly to-go containers are available at Bon Appétit.Reusable dishware is available, by request, at the Grille for those who choose to eat-in.
  • Reusable coffee mugs, bring your own coffee mug to a Bon Appétit location for a discount.
  • Zero Waste Move Out 2015
  • Recycling

Zero Waste Committee

The Zero Waste Committee includes students, faculty and staff from Facilities Services, the Sustainability Office, Environmental Studies, Purchasing, Residential Life, and Campus Activities and Operations.