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Items for Today must be submitted by noon on the business day prior to publication.

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Today is a service of the Dean of Students Office in cooperation with Macalester Information Services.

Help/About Today

Today is a print and online publication of the Dean of Students office. The current issue is available online at and on paper in various locations around campus during the academic year.

The contents of Today is also available as a channel on 1600grand, the campus portal.

Submit Your Announcement Online

An online form is available for use in submitting announcements for Today. Note that the Dean of Students office will review and verify all items submitted. Please follow the following guidelines when using the form:

  • Include your name, telephone number, and an e-mail address (if you have access to e-mail). We may need to contact you if we have a question about your announcement.
  • Using the pull-down menus, select up to three publication dates for your announcement. Items submitted by noon Monday through Friday are eligible for publication in the next day's Today.
  • Limit your announcement to 350 characters. If you exceed this limit, you will get an error message when you submit the form and you'll have a chance to return to the form to edit the text of your announcement.

Including Web Links in Announcements

Web site URLs in the announcement text field will be automatically converted to clickable links for the online Today. To make sure your links function properly, follow these guidelines.

  • Type the web URL within the sentences of your announcement. No special characters or punctuation is required. DO NOT surround the URL with < > or [ ].
  • For a web URL beginning with www, simply type the URL in your text. Example: Check out the Macalester College web site at
  • For ANY web URL, type the complete URL in your text including the protocol designation (http:// or https://). Example: Sign up for your MyInfo account at Sign up today!
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If you need help or have questions, contact the Dean of Students office at 651-696-6220 or send e-mail to

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