Brendan Miller       CV (PDF)

M57, Macalester Observatory
I have taught a variety of intro and upper-level physics and astronomy classes and labs at Macalester (394, 113, L120; 2014: 440+L, 227), Wooster (205, 208, 122, 110, L101, L102), and Penn State (L011, 001).

My classes are rigorous, engaging, activity-driven, and effective.
I investigate low-level accretion onto supermassive black holes, stellar activity in exoplanet hosts, radio-loud quasars (including hybrid morphology or broad absorption line objects), and mass transfer in Algol-type binaries.

Details are available in my papers, a conference talk, and a podcast chat.

Black holes in local ellipticals
I have supervised a senior thesis and several REU and UROP projects. Students have presented at AAS and led papers.

EP poster on star-planet interaction

6.5m Magellan telescopes, Chile
I use both X-ray (Chandra, XMM-Newton, Swift) and optical (Magellan, HET, MDM) telescopes in my research.

Local Group model
I co-taught for MMSS, taught high school at DeNovo, and did test-prep with Princeton Review.
I grew up in MN and went to school at CLWS, CDH and SPA. I am married to Rachel Wannarka and we have a five year old son. I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors, often with our two dogs.
Research supervisors:
I have worked with Herman Marshall, Mercedes Richards, Niel Brandt, and Elena Gallo.                                                                                         Institutions:
Ugrad MIT, grad PSU, visiting Wooster, postdoc Michigan, visiting Macalester.