News from the Boyer Lab

  1. Michelle Coblens and Katya Jay, both Macalester ’16, joined me and Prashant Sharma (American Museum of Natural History) for fieldwork in Queensland, Australia from mid-May to early June.  We had an outstanding trip collecting tiny mite harvestmen from the rainforests of the Wet Tropics - both successful and fun!  Back on campus Michelle and Katya were joined by Jill Oberski ’16 and Kenji Shoemaker ’16, and together they generated new DNA sequence data and scanning electron micrographs from the specimens we collected.  6 students enrolled in Macalester’s HHMI Young Researchers program also did rotations in the Boyer Lab.  Below, we are out collecting earthworms at Macalester’s field station.

  1. Zach Popkin-Hall ’13 and I published descriptions of three new mite harvestmen species from southeast Queensland, Australia in the journal Zootaxa.  This work was based on a project that Zach devised for his senior honors thesis, and he is the first author of the paper. 

  2. Boyer Lab alumni killed it on the grad school applications front this year!  Caitlin Baker ’12 is headed to Harvard OEB, Zach Popkin-Hall ’13 chose Texas A&M Entomology, Margot White ’14 will be attending Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Sam DelSerra ’12 will pursue a PhD at the University of Minnesota EEB.  Catherine Reuter ’10 and Sam Wershow ’10 are both going to master’s programs, at Louisiana State and Western Washington University respectively - both to do projects with exciting fieldwork.  As for med school, Sarah Couser ’14 will start at Tufts in the fall and Joel Soma ’12 will be at UMN-Duluth.  Big congratulations!

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