News from the Boyer Lab

  1. Big congratulations to Boyer Lab alum Caitlin Baker ’12!  She was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in support of her research on harvestman evolution in Gonzalo Giribet’s lab, where she is hard at work on her PhD.

  2. We have a new paper out in Invertebrate Systematics on phylogeny and diversity of mite harvestmen from the Australian Wet Tropics!  Macalester students Caitlin Baker ’12, Zach Popkin-Hall ’13, Domi Lauko ’14, Hannah Wiesner ’14, and Rachel Quay ’14 coauthored the work in which we describe 6 new species.  We named some of them after arachnologist friends who have helped us with the project over the years, and one for Jeff Thole, who runs the SEM at Macalester’s Keck lab where we gathered much of our anatomical information.

  3. Joanne Johnson and Jill Oberski, both Macaleter juniors, will join me and Prashant Sharma (American Museum of Natural History) for our 2015 expedition to Queensland, Australia.  Can’t wait to get back in the field!  

  4. Macalester students Michelle Coblens and Katya Jay presented their work at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in West Palm Beach, Florida in January (top picture). 

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  1. The Summer 2014 crew in the Boyer Lab included a cohort who did a rotation through Macalester’s HHMI Young Researchers program.  Above, we are all out at Macalester’s field station on the hunt for earthworms.

  2. Zach Popkin-Hall ’13 and I published descriptions of three new mite harvestmen species from southeast Queensland, Australia in the journal Zootaxa.  Zach, who is currently a PhD student in Michel Slotman’s lab at Texas A&M, devised this project for his senior honors thesis at Macalester.