Sarah L. Boyer

Associate Professor

Biology Department

Macalester College

1600 Grand Avenue

Saint Paul, Minnesota

55105 USA

boyer (at) macalester (dot) edu

Sarah’s CV

News from the Boyer Lab

  1. Six new species of mite harvestmen from the Australian Wet Tropics!  Senior lab members Katya Jay (lead author), Michelle Coblens, and Jill Oberski have a paper out before graduation, published in the journal ZooKeys.  You can see their beautiful work here.

  2. Our new paper is out in the Journal of Biogeography!  This one has been in the works for many years, building on painstaking mapping and taxonomy by many members of the lab.  Caitlin Baker ’12 is a coauthor, along with our collaborators in Ken Kozak’s lab.

  3. Our lab had a big showing at the 2016 meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, with 6 Macalester seniors presenting posters on their research!  We enjoyed taking in some great talks and meeting up with old and new friends.  At right, we are posing with collaborator Prashant Sharma (University of Wisconsin - Madison).

  4. We took our research in some new directions in summer 2015, getting started on projects on Australian armored harvestmen, and also Minnesota daddy long-legs reproductive behavior.  You can see hilarious trailers for our work on reproductive behavior here and here, thanks to hardworking lab member Michelle Coblens.  At right, the whole summer student gang is out and about looking for critters.