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June 13, 2005

Silly Stuff

This link will be a place to find all kinds of wonderful and wacky photos, images, ads, and graphics that I find to be curious and funny. Some of these are visual puns, while others illustrate concepts I want my students to see. Click on the thumbnails to see the full picture. Hold your cursor over the image for a caption or credit.


Frogs in class.  Photo by BILD & NEWS, Switzerland
Photo by BILD & News, Switzerland

Emma Pockets in bathroom sink with motivational saying
Emma Pockets in sink with quotation
No matter how many papers I grade, academia is better than this
Grading papers is always better than this
Roots of toppled tree, Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Tree roots, Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Doublerainbow near Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota
Double rainbow near Marine-on-St.-Croix, Minnesota
Hail in the forest when it was 95 degrees, Itasca State Park, Minnesota
Hail in boiling forest, Itasca State Park, MN
Hail in the forest when it was 95 degrees; Itasca State Park, Minnesota
More hail in forest, Itasca State Park, MN
Double Ferris Wheel at Minnesota State Fair
Double ferris wheel, Minnesota State Fair
An unholy mixture--Scrabble, Jesse Ventura, and floppy disks
A visual oxymoron, Pittsburg, Kansas
Fuschia in Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul, Minnesota
Fuscia, Como Conservatory, St. Paul, Minnesota
Lesbian troping on American Gothic
American Gothic, Queer Union, Macalester COllege
Ad for Barnes and Noble
Clever Barnes and Noble Ad, New Yorker
"Finetude" by Guy Billout, as published in the Atlantic Monthly
"Finetude" by Guy Billout, Atlantic Mo.
Ad for AIDS Fundraiser, DIFFA and Dayton's
Ad for AIDS Fundraiser, DIFFA
Christmas card with dog, "Fleas Navidad"
Christmas Pooch Pun