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June 13, 2005


One of the great joys of teaching at a small, undergraduate liberal arts college is being able to develop intellectual and personal relationships with students. Many of these photos come from department gatherings, dinners for groups of students at my home, or experimenting with digital cameras in the office and CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) classroom. I have a great many pictures of Macalester College students, so keep coming back and watch the archive grow (back in time) and with pictures of future students.

Oliver McKinstry, Katie Wiik, Adrienne Christiansen, Marie Zemler, and Katie Carothers
Oliver, Katie, Adrienne, Marie and Katie

Christian Campbell
Christian Campbell

Maja Marjanovic and Adrienne Christiansen
Maja Marjanovic, Adrienne

Jeff Falk and Robin Rich, 2002
Jeff Falk and Robin Rich

Laura Bartlow
Laura Bartlow

Tiffany Hultgren throwing snowball
Tiffany Hultgren

Robin Rich at jukebox
Robin Rich

Matthew Scott on bicycle with square wheels
Matthew Scott

Angie Lindell
Nichole Alwell

Natalie Ross reading paper
Natalie Ross

Matthew Scott and Jon Beland at Charlie Brown statue

Matthew Scott, Charlie Brown, Jon Beland

Angie Lindell, Natalie Ross, Jeff Falk, Teresa Mitchell, and Laura Bartlow in new Campus Center

Angie, Natalie, Jeff, Teresa, Laura

Curtis Gilbert and Nick Berning

Curtis Gilbert and Nick Berning

A gathering of unidentified student feet

Unidentified student feet

Teresa Mitchell with newspaper

Teresa Mitchell

Close up of George Ramsden, summer 2000

George Ramsden

Sarah Puro, Spring 1999

Sarah Puro

Maja Marjanovic, Brooke Skinner, Adrienne Christiansen Spring 2001

Maja Marjanovic, Brooke Skinner, Adrienne

Closeup of Marie Zemler, Summer 2000
Marie Zemler

Ori Amiga pretending to kiss George Ramsden and other students from CMC class, Spring 1998
Ori Amiga, George Ramsden and others

Toni Bottoli and Mike Halpern,  1995

Tony Bottoli and Mike Halpern

Robin Rich and Nichole Alwell

Robin Rich and Nichole Alwell

Anne Griffiths, Fall 2000

Anne Griffiths

Dania Rajendra, Katie Carothers, and Jason Brilliantes, Summer 2000

Dania Rajendra, Katie Carothers, Jason Brilliantes

Rob Davis

Rob Davis

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