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Tom Halverson is DeWitt Wallace Professor and Chair of the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department at Macalester College

He teaches courses in linear and abstract algebra, discrete mathematics, computational linear algebra, calculus (applied, single, and multivariable), and topology.  His research interests are in algebra and combinatorics, specifically in combinatorial representation theory, where he uses tools from combinatorics (tableaux, lattices and graphs, partitions, symmetric functions) to study matrix representations of abstract algebraic objects (symmetric groups, complex reflection groups, diagram algebras, Hecke algebras).  He earned his MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1993) and his BA from Saint Olaf College (1986). He has spent sabbaticals at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, 1999) and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (Berkeley, 2008).

Tom has been teaching mathematics and computer science at Macalester College since 1993.

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