• The multiphase interstellar medium of low-mass galaxies
  • Stellar populations in external galaxies
  • The evolution of dwarf galaxies


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  • Expanded Very Large Array
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  • Recent Results

  • Rotational Dynamics and Star Formation in the Nearby Dwarf Galaxy NGC 5238
    Cannon,, McNichols, Teich, et al.
    Astronomical Journal, in press
  • SHIELD: Neutral Gas Kinematics and Dynamics
    McNichols, Teich, Nims, Cannon,, et al.
    Astrophysical Journal, 2016, 832, 89
  • SHIELD: Comparing Gas and Star Formation in Low Mass Galaxies
    Teich, McNichols, Nims, Cannon, J.M., et al.
    Astrophysical Journal, 2016, 832, 85
  • Detection of HI in Emission in the Lyman-Alpha Emitting Galaxy Haro 11
    Pardy, Cannon,, et al.
    Astronomical Journal, 2016, 152, 178
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