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Supplementary Materials:
Is Mexico a Lumpy Country?
Andrew Bernard, Raymond Robertson, and Peter Schott, forthcoming, Review of International Economics

This site provides supplemtary materials for the paper "Is Mexico a Lumpy Country?" in two ways. On the right is the link to the full version of the working paper and below are questions about the paper that we answer with prepared results. The prepared results include text, tables, and figures that are found in the full version.

Q: Does Mexico seem to export relatively skill intensive goods?

Q:Could Latin American "lumpiness" help explain differences between Asian and Latin American liberlization experiences?

Q:Couldn't Mexico have protected less-skill intensive industries as a result of concern about trade with more labor abundant countries like China?

Q: Can I see the shares of Mexican manufacturing employment and number of industries producing in all states for each year?

Q: What characterizes the Integrated World Equilibrium (IWE)?

Q: Can you illustrate the IWE equilibrium with a Lerner Diagram?

Q:  Is there another graphical way to present the lens condition?

Q: Are the main results robust to excluding Mexico City and Mexico State?

Q: Can you show, formally, how aggregation affects the lens condition results?

Q: How does the presence of maquiladoras and foreign investment affect your results?



Full Working Paper Version