At Macalester, world-class learning means engaging multiple perspectives from a variety of people—that's been a part of the college's mission since 1874.

Macalester's Multicultural Milestones

Signature Programs

Signature Programs
  • Allies Project. Gives faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe environment and community for all people.
  • Identity Collectives. Provide students with the opportunity to build community and talk together both within their specific collectives and in inter-group dialogues between all of the collectives.
  • Pluralism and Unity Program. Creates a community of first-year students who are committed to exploring issues of culture, identity, and social justice.
  • Soup and Substance Lunch Series. Soups from across the world are provided, and participants engage in dialogues that center around topics related to various cultural heritage months.
  • SPEAK! Series. Engages the Macalester community in a series of intimate conversations with dynamic and influential speakers on important transnational issues.
  • Tapas Series. Monthly student-facilitated series highlighting different issues around multiculturalism, identity, and diversity
  • Xpressions. Aims to provide participants with greater appreciation and knowledge of different art forms.

Large Events

Large Events
  • Cultural House Block Party. An annual event that formally welcomes the Macalester community. Food, fun, and water games celebrate the new academic year.
  • In the Kitchen With. Weekly program that brings students, staff, and faculty together over food and conversation to build community and foster meaningful relationships.
  • Fresh Fridays. Provides a space for students to explore issues of social justice and the intersections of identity in a creative environment.
  • An(other) Circle Story. Once-a-semester program where a group of students are asked to share their experiences, or stories, with the campus community around a particular theme on identity, self, and society.
  • Annual Poetry Slam. Celebrate and reflect on the significance of oral traditions in communities of color and as means for political action in all communities.

Our Students

Our Students
  • U.S. states represented by Macalester students: 49, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Northern Mariana Islands
  • Countries represented: 88
  • Percent of U.S. students who are students of color: 25
  • Percent of student body who are U.S. students of color: 21
  • From 2007 to 2016, the enrollment of U.S. students of color increased from 347 to 449, a 29% increase
  • Percent of international students (excluding students with dual citizenship): 15
  • If dual citizens and permanent U.S. residents are counted: 23
  • 26

    The number of student organizations that promote diversity, including gender, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, and race/ethnicity

  • 27

    The number of courses in 2014 that meet the United States Identities and Differences requirement.

  • 16

    The number of identity collectives that students can participate in to build community and intragroup dialog.

  • 2000

    The number of people who attended events sponsored by the DML during the 2013-14 academic year.