Who can apply for Macalester Pathways? Any first-year student whose parents or guardians did not graduate with a four-year college degree. (Please note that International Students are not eligible for this program due to a timing conflict with the mandatory international student orientation).

What does it cost to participate? It costs you nothing. The program is financially supported by a generous grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.

Does the program pay for my meals and the extra days in the dorm? Yes, it does.

Does the program pay for the extra activities and group meals off campus? Yes, it does.

Does the program pay for my travel costs to Minnesota? No. You pay your own travel expenses just as if you were coming on Move-In-Day, August 31, 2017.

What is expected of Macalester Pathways students? We expect you to participate in the full pre-orientation experience, August 19–30,  2017.  We want you to show up each day and give it your all. You will also be enrolled in the First-Year Course Illuminating Our Diverse Intellectual Lives. During your first year, we will gather now and then to share a meal and talk about how college is going.

Can I miss the first couple days of the program or end it early? No, we’re looking for students who can commit to the whole program.

Can I be in the Bonner Scholars Program or Lives of Commitment AND be a Macalester Pathways participant at the same time? Unfortunately, no. We ask you to prioritize the programs in which you most want to participate.

Can I participate in the program but select a different First-Year Course? No. The First-Year Course is an integral part of the Macalester Pathways pre-orientation program. You will submit the regular First-Year Course registration form following the instructions on the Orientation website, but if you are selected for the Macalester Pathways program, you will be placed in the First-Year Course Illuminating Our Diverse Intellectual Lives.  

Can I be in Macalester Pathways AND on a fall semester varsity team like football, soccer, or golf?  No, but you can play in intramural sports during the fall or in varsity or club sports during the spring term.