If you are selected to participate in Macalester Pathways, you will come to college early. You (and your parents if they are traveling with you) should arrive in St. Paul on Saturday, August 19, 2017. If you fly by yourself to Minneapolis-St. Paul, we will meet you at the airport, bring you to campus and help you move into your dorm. That day, you will start setting up your room—the same room that you will have throughout your first year of college. We will have dinner together on Saturday night. You will continue getting to know your classmates on Sunday afternoon and evening while we take a paddleboat ride down the Mississippi River. We eat dinner together at El Burrito, in St. Paul’s Districto del Sol, an historically vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

Your First-Year Course—Illuminating Our Diverse Intellectual Lives—meets every weekday morning 9 a.m. to noon, beginning Monday, August 20, 2017. Then we break for lunch.

Weekday afternoon sessions address issues like setting short-term goals, getting connected to Macalester and other students, navigating campus offices, and developing the study skills college requires.

The weekend of  August 25–27 we head off campus for an overnight retreat at the beautiful Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area, Macalester’s biology field station.

The summer component of the Macalester Pathways program ends Wednesday evening, August 30. Macalester Move-In-Day and New Student Orientation start on Thursday, August 31.