Printmaking II, Art 373

Advanced printers can explore known media in more depth and learn new processes such as plazers, photo polymer relief, laser stencil cuts, pronto plate lithography or photo screenprint.
Students work from hand-drawn and computer-manipulated images in a new digital processes lab. This class has participated in several print portfolio exchange projects with galleries,
schools and nonprofits. Printers donated prints for a benefit auction to aid Simpson Family Housing Services, which helps homeless familes each year 2014-2017, and to Full Cycle bicycle
repair and youth education workshop. Spring 2010 students exchanged prints with their counterparts at Carleton College. In Fall 2008, Print II students created a portfolio for exhibit at the
Tokyo Fine Arts University. A copy is on view at the Macalester Digital Resource Center. Class meets in Art 214, aka Printland, 2nd Floor northwest corner of the Studio Art Building.

Lft: Ilana Budenosky presenting her work at SGCI national conference open portfolio 2017. Middle: Sean McPherson, inventor of the Lightspeed LED exposure unit, installs our equipment,
used for screenprint and photopolymer plates. Right: Print II students letterpress new print shop aprons.

Emma Klajbor's postcards in progress, 2014.

Print II students printed seed packets in letterpress,
litho and screenprint as part of a 2012 community free
seed library project with guest artist Tattfoo Tan.
New seed packets are printed and put in Little Free
Seed Libraries each Spring.

Print II students produced screenprinted postcards for St. Paul communities distrupted by lightrail construction in 2011 as part of the Irrigate Project. Right: Printing the 2nd color, 20-up.

Print II students and their professor print patches in front of the Campus Center and give them away
for the Macalester Strike for Peace event, 2007. Photo by Jenny Grinblo.

Michael Ferut, "Give Thanks" screenprint with handcoloring, 2009.

Luke Harris, Post-Graduation Guardian Angel (Because You Can't Buy Luck). 3-D screenprint, 2010.

Sarah Ganley, My Alaskan Village, intaglio, 2007.

Aaron Johnson Ortiz, Self portrait,
monoprint, chine collé, 2006.

Line 3 Left: Claire de la Cova, "My Brother, Printing", 2000, relief print, approx. 40"H. Middle: Aya Hoshi, "Cleptomania", 1997, relief print, 3 3/4"H.
Right: Jeremy Piller, band poster, 1995, screen print, approx 20"H.

Kate Copeland, relief print.

All rights reserved by the artists.

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Aug. 2017 / Ruthann Godollei / Macalester College