Art 235:01 Sculpture I: Basic Sculpture with a Dose of Hot Metal
Macalester College Art & Art HistoryDepartment
Stanton Sears, Art 118


*Appropriate for first year students* We begin with an exploration of the nature of vision, creating life-size clay portrait heads of a partner. We move on to the tools and processes available in the new sculpture studio, including carving and fabrication in wood. Sculpture I also introduces students to cast metal work in our new foundry. The range of form which can be explored is infinite and starts with a wax model which is eventually replaced with hot 2100 degree bronze through a lost wax ceramic shell casting system. Like other sculpture course offerings, Sculpture I will include an off-site project that features a class trip to Black Cat farm/studio in western Wisconsin.

Professor Stan Sears and students' inaugural bronze pour in the new Studio Art Building foundry, 2014.

Fully equipped woodshop supports the newly renovated Art building and sculpture studio.

Stan Sears' sculpture class pours bronze in the foundry of the old art building. December, 2011.

Bronze pour, Fall 2005, guest artist Aaron Dysart.

















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