"We're Not From Here: Emigrés, Aliens and Utopians" is an international print portfolio exchange based on the point of view of the displaced. Those who may feel that their government doesn't speak for them, or miss their home countries, find themselves elsewhere or wish to construct the idea of a better place contributed to this portfolio.

Presented at the the IMPACT 4 international printmaking conference, Berlin, Germany and Poznan, Poland, 2005.

Participants: Jenny Schmid, Sean Caulfield, Akiko Taniguchi, Kimiko Miyoshi, Endi Poskovic, John Hitchcock, Ruthann Godollei, Dusty Herbig, Miki Kato, Tyler Starr, Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg.

"Floating Stone"
Akiko Taniguchi
Mezzotint, Chine collé

Sean Caufield
Mezzotint, Chine collé

"Vylet Dzenske Republiky"
Jenny Schmid
Lithograph, Digital print

"The Night Watch in Green & Orange"
Endi Poskovic
Color woodcut


"von hier aus gesehen"
Daniela Deeg



"Seen from Here"
Cynthia Lollis


"Dizzy Wings"
Miki Kato Starr
Relief print

"In-Law Hanging by the Plant"
Tyler Starr


John Hitchcock
Screenprint, digital print


Dusty Herbig

"Going Down with Texas"
Kimiko Miyoshi
Linocut/ Monotype


Ruthann Godollei
Relief, Screenprint