Department News

Asian studies Fall Seminar

Dr. Alyne Delaney, Thursday November 17, 11:30-1:00, ArtCom 102.  Lunch will be served.  Dr. Delaney will address Japan and the Tsunami. 

Asian Languages and Cultures Career Workshop

Jocelyn Allen, a Manga translator, will headline the ALC Career Workshop.  Alumni will present their career pathways to help students plan their own trajectories.  Friday, February 24, Weyerhaeuser Board Room. 

Asian Studies Spring seminar

Monday, April 10, 4 p.m., 4th Floor Old Main.  Prof. Prasenjit Duara from Duke University.  More details will follow. 

New Courses for Spring 2017

JAPA 488:  Translating Japanese: Theory, Practice and Identity
Instructor:  Grace Ting 

This workshop for advanced students of Japanese provides practice in translating Japanese to English.  Through weekly translation assignments, we will work through issues specific to the language, from texts in prewar Japan to more contemporary texts.  Prerequisite Japanese 305 or above

CHIN 494: Cross-Cultural Encounters: China and the West
Instructor: Rivi  Handler-Spitz

This capstone seminar examines select encounters between China and the West and inquires both how these encounters shaped each culture's perceptions of the other and how these interactions affected local cultural identities.  Fluency in Chinese is required. 

JAPA/ASIA  288- Rethinking Sexualities Through Japan:  Love and Desire from the Premodern to the Present
Instructor:  Grace Ting

This course is an overview of stories of unrequited affection, passion, erotic desire, jealousy and other tropes generally falling under the category of "love and desire" in Japanese culture.  During the semester, we will examine how Japanese poetry, fiction, film and music about "love" intersect with longings for tradition, the nation, and/or hierarchies of race and class.    Taught in English. 

CHIN 194 - Masterpieces of Chinese Literature
Instructor: Rivi Handler-Spitz

This course introduces masterpieces of Chinese fiction, poetry, drama, philosophy and history from earliest times through the 21st century.  Themes to be explored include love and separation, nature, loyal service to country and ruler, nostalgia for the past, war, and death.  Taught in English; this is a writing (WA) course and includes frequent writing assignments, discussions of writing, and peer critiques.