Application for Residence in the Macalester College Japan House

Applicant's name

I wish to apply for residence in the Japan House during semester:

What Japanese courses have you taken in college?

Course Instructor

What Japanese language or culture courses will you be taking during your residency in the Japan House?

Have you participated in a study abroad program in Japan, or are you planning to participate in a study abroad program in Japan?

Have you been to Japan? When, for what purpose, and for how long?

My major (or prospective major) is:

I am presently a:

Please state briefly your reasons for wanting to live in the Japan House, and what you expect to gain from this experience.

The Japan House has one single and two doubles. Do you require a single?

How could you contribute to the Macalester community by living in the Japan House?

I agree to participate in the common meal each week (usually Sunday) as outlined on the attachments.

I agree to make a conscientious effort to speak Japanese at all times while in the Japan House and to comply with the other goals of the House.

Responsibilities/Expectations of the Japan House Residents

All Residents (including the lab instructor):

  1. Residents are expected to use Japanese as the language of communication in the house.
  2. Residents must play active roles in organizing a cultural activity at least three per semester. When the department sponsors community-wide cultural events, the residents should expect to help as requested.
  3. Residents will sit at common meal table which will take place once a week in the evening (usually Sunday). Meals will be prepared by the residents in turns.
  4. Residents must be responsible in household maintenance. This will include, but is not limited to, weekly housekeeping chores (cleaning, taking out garbage, etc).
  5. Residents must respect others in terms of cleanliness, noise, etc.
  6. Residents are expected to produce publications (such as newsletters, posters, etc) with advice from the department liaison (one of the faculty members).

Criteria used in the selection of residents:

1) Motivation for living in the House.

2) Willingness to comply with the goals of the Japan House as expressed in the attachments.

3) Enrollment in a Japanese course during the residency.

4) Because there are frequently more applicants than spaces available in the House, students anticipating or returning from study away usually receive priority.

Applications for residency in the Japan House are screened by the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


1. Living in the Japan House will give you an opportunity to work on your spoken Japanese. It will provide you with an everyday spoken vocabulary and an opportunity to develop fluency.

2. You will become better acquainted with Japanese culture and with a world view which may be different from your own.

3. This living situation will provide an intensive preparation for study in Japan or a helpful reentry after study abroad.

It is a privilege to live in the Japan House and its residents must be willing to endorse its goals. They must speak Japanese, participate in the communal meal, agree to live cooperatively and respect the rights of the other residents, and participate in the programs of the Japan House. Living in the Japan House is not a matter of personal convenience to avoid living in the dorms. Residents should also realize that the existence of language houses at Macalester could be jeopardized by problems in the functioning of any language house.




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