Many biology majors take calculus and/or statistics in high school. The Math 135/155 sequence is still appropriate for most such students, even those who took AP or IB courses and scored well on the tests. The reason is that 135/155 emphasizes the calculus and statistics of multiple variables, topics not encountered in even the most advanced high-school courses.

Those biology majors with strong high-school calculus preparation (see Math/CS department web site) and who plan eventually to take Math 237 (multi-variable calculus) may elect to skip Math 135. If prepared, those students can start directly with Math 237, or may take Math 137 then Math 237. Math 137 may not replace Math 135 unless Math 237 is also taken.

Note: Some electives for the biology major have Math 137 as a pre-requisite: Physics 227 (Principles of Physics II) and Chemistry 311 (Physical Chemistry I). Students who plan to take Chemstry 312 (Physical Chemistry II) are advised to take Math 237.

Students who do not plan to take Math 237 or 236 should take Math 135, even if they are prepared to enter Math 137 directly.

All students should enroll in Math 155, Introduction to Statistical Modeling, which has as prerequisite Math 135 or Math 236 or Math 237.

Note: Deviations from the Math 135/155 sequence (other than the Math 237/155 sequence, which is automatically approved) will not be accepted unless approved ahead of time by the Chair.