Laboratory Supervisor Chemistry, Campus Chemical Hygiene Officer
Applied Electrochemistry, Photovoltaics, and Chemical Pedagogy


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Rob Rossi became the Chemistry Department’s full-time laboratory supervisor in 2004. He came to Macalester by way of Carleton College and the California Institute of Technology, where he did his doctoral work on photoelectrochemical solar cells, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was a chemical engineer working on hybrid electric vehicle systems. Rob’s academic interests include applied science, electrochemistry, solid-state physics, alternative energy, transportation technology, energy policy, and general science teaching methods. He is the junior co-author on a long-standing and well-established laboratory manual used around the world, Chemical Principles in the Laboratory. Rob’s various research experiences led him to conclude that politics and public perception are the principal obstacles to progress in alternative energy, and thus outside of work he is active in politics and public policy.

BS: Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1993

U.S. Peace Corps, Fiji (Chemical Education), 1994

PhD: California Institute of Technology, 2001