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Map of Israel
Omrit is located on a bluff overlooking the Hulah Valley in northern Israel, where the Upper Galilee region meets the present day borders of Lebanon and Syria.

The site is only a few hundred meters from the western edge of the Golan Heights and the 1967 border between Israel and Syria. Across the Hulah Valley, through which the Jordan River begins, is the town of Kiryat Shmona. Kiryat Shmona currently has an estimated population of 22,000.

Below is an aerial photograph taken of Omrit and the surrounding area. The yellow dot indicates the location of the temple complex currently being excavated. The Hulah Valley lies to the west.

This enlarged image focuses on the temple complex area, clearly bound on the north and south by two wadis (seasonal river beds). Interesting marks beyond the north wadi show signs of terracing and may indicate remains of a town associated with the temple. An ancient road to Damascus ran by this area toward the Northeast.

The map below is a rough geographic information systems production based on the work of Omrit's surveyor in 2000. The site has been divided into four quardrants; excavation has thus far only been conducted in quadrant one. Pink squares indicate areas where digging has occurred.

More GIS images and detailed square information is on the Squares page.

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