It's another Macalester sweep of the Minnesota Economics Association term paper contest! Congratulations to Cody DailHuiting FanCory Stern,Benny Goldman, and the advising professors Pete FerdererRaymond Robertson, and Gary Krueger!

First Place

Cody Dail '15 and Huiting Fan '15,
“Fear and Marketing: How Does the Feature of Voice and Speed at Which Side Effects are Read in Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA) of Pharmaceuticals Affect Consumers' Willingness to Pay?”
Advisor: Pete Ferderer

Second Place

Cory Stern '16
“How do Incremental Wage Increases Affect Low-Wage Workers' Health Levels?”
Advisor: Raymond Robertson

Third Place

Benjamin Goldman '16
“Terror Attacks and Bond Yields in the European Union: An Autogressive Transfer Function Approach”
Advisor: Gary Krueger

Winning papers will be posted soon.