From The Waverley To The Words

Rudy Henriquez ‘14

picture of authorAs some of you might have noticed, this newsletter has changed quite a bit over the last two academic years. In this time span, we have transitioned from a print publication available only on the department floor to an online format sent to English majors, minors, faculty, and alumni by mass email. We have also changed our name from The Waverley to The Words.

Throughout this evolution, however, our stories have remained the same – student written pieces centered on the events, people, and courses closest to us in the English department. In the past two years, we have covered everything from poetry readings to individual experiences abroad, from professors’ literary crushes to their recent scholarly publications. The newsletter’s transition to an online format has also allowed for a more dynamic presentation of our stories as seen by our video series “Real Talk,” which makes its return in this month’s issue.

All of this change has not occurred magically. With the support of the department coordinator Jan Beebe, Macalester’s Communications & Public Relations staff, and IT Services, our newsletter has flourished in its short existence in the digital realm. However, we still have a lot of room for growth and improvement. As we learn to negotiate the tech tools we have available to us, I am confident this growth will continue. Luckily, our community is always flowing with news, events, and projects connected to current students, faculty, and alumni. As Senior Editor of the newsletter, my goal has always been to channel this activity and energy into every issue.

I am proud of how much the newsletter has grown since I joined the team of editors, and I am proud of what it has helped me accomplish in my personal life. My time as an editor of The Words is coming to an end. This reality has allowed me to reflect on what I have gained from the experience of being an editor of the student newsletter. Before I began working in the English Department, my job was to input numbers into a database for hours on end. Although I cherish the work experience I gained at that position, getting chosen by Jan Beebe to be an editor for the student newsletter has been the best opportunity I have had at Macalester.

Being an editor and student worker in the English department has given me the chance to form relationships with students and faculty that I would never have otherwise formed. It has taken me to events that I would have mistakenly ignored. Lastly, the position has helped me develop leadership and management skills that I was able to highlight in my job interview with Yelp, Inc. I will be working at Yelp's headquarters in my hometown of San Francisco starting in June of this year as an Account Executive in the Sales Department. The position requires an aptitude for communication as well as an ability to self-manage within a team atmosphere. Fortunately, I have learned these skills working as a part of the newsletter team.

I shall forever be thankful to the English Department and the editorial staff of the student newsletter. It has been an amazing ride full of hurdles and successes. I know that I leave the newsletter in the capable hands of future Macalester student writers, all of whom will take The Words to greater heights than I could have managed. Thanks to all.