Faculty and Staff

  • Daylanne English Daylanne English
    Professor and Chair, English
    African American literature and culture; Afrofuturism; the digital humanities; The Harlem Renaissance; history of the novel; literature and legal studies; literature and medicine; race and visual culture; apocalyptic literature; detective fiction.

  • Peter Bognanni Peter Bognanni
    Assistant Professor, English
    Fiction writing, especially contemporary; creative writing; screenwriting and film studies; humor writing; the contemporary novel.

  • Ed Bok Lee Ed Bok Lee
    Visiting Associate Professor, English
    Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Formal Experimentation and Hybridization, Literary Translation, Russian Formalism

  • Matt Burgess Matt Burgess
    Visiting Assistant Professor, English
    Fiction writing; journalism; crime fiction; poetry.

  • James Dawes James Dawes
    De Witt Wallace Professor of English
    American literature; countercultures; human rights; literary and language theory; violence and trauma; literature and philosophy.

  • Andrew Ferguson Andrew Ferguson
    Visiting Instructor, English
    Twentieth and twenty-first-century British and Irish literature; transnational modernism; narrative and the novel; critical theory and cultural studies; science fiction and the fantastic; videogame studies; graphic novels.

  • Jean Franzino Jean Franzino
    Visiting Assistant Professor, English
    American literature; American cultural studies; race and the print cultures of slavery; disability studies; the body in visual and material culture; autobiography; gender studies.

  • Penelope Geng Penelope Geng
    Assistant Professor, English
    Early modern English literature and culture; Shakespeare; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century drama, poetry, and prose; medieval literature; book history; rhetoric; literature and law; critical theory; affect studies; gender studies.

  • Marlon James Marlon James
    Associate Professor, English
    Creative Writing, fiction, post colonial literature, southern literature, Latin American fiction, criticism and blogs.

  • Andrea Kaston Tange Andrea Kaston Tange
    Professor, English
    Nineteenth-century British literature and culture, including: travel narratives, colonialism and empire, gender and class identities, visual and print culture, domesticity, childhood, Anglo-Jewish life and migrations.

  • Theresa Krier Theresa Krier
    Professor of English, not currently teaching, in MSFEO program
    Ancient, medieval, and Renaissance poetry; Shakespeare; history of poetry; literature and religion; literature and the natural world.
  • David Chioni Moore David Chioni Moore
    Associate Professor, International Studies and English
    Literary interactions in the Black Atlantic world, notably Africa, the Caribbean, and African America; post-colonial and/as the post-Soviet; comparative literature; cultural theory; globalization.

  • Wang Ping Wang Ping
    Professor, English
    Creative writing, poetry and fiction; the Chinese-American immigrant experience; footbinding, sexuality and eroticism in Chinese culture; women in modern China; Chinese migrant workers and industrialization; environmental issues; photography.

  • Sonita Sarker (On sabbetical spring semester 2016) Sonita Sarker (On sabbetical spring semester 2016)
    Professor Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English
    Feminist and literary theories; cultural studies of globalization as it intersects with nationalism, democracy, and imperialism; "minoritized" literatures, with a transnational comparative basis in Western Europe and Asia.

  • Taylor Schey Taylor Schey
    Visting Assistant Professor, English
    Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British Literature; Romanticism; poetry and poetics; Enlightenment philosophy; aesthetics; literary and critical theory.

  • Stephen D. Smith Stephen D. Smith
    Visiting Instructor, English

  • Benjamin Voigt Benjamin Voigt
    Visiting Assistant Professor, English
    Poetry; creative nonfiction; fiction; hybrid/mixed form writing; ecopoetics and ecocriticism; documentary filmmaking.

  • Jan Beebe Jan Beebe
    Department Coordinator