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References and Links

Useful Links:

  • AgBioWorld - AgBioWorld aims to provide science-based information on agricultural biotechnology issues to various stakeholders across the world.
  • Food First - Food First analyzes the root causes of global hunger, poverty, and ecological degradation and works to develop solutions in partnership with movements working for social change.
  • Gene Campaign -  Gene Campaign is dedicated to protecting the genetic resources of the South, and the rights of farming and tribal communities. It works to strengthen self-reliance in agriculture and the basis ffor sustainable food security.
  • India GM Info - Web source on GM crops/foods and related issues in India.
  • International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)- A non-profit research and training center established to reduce poverty and hunger, improve the health of rice farmers and consumers, and ensure environmental sustainability through collaborative research, partnerships, and strengthening of national agricultural research and extension programs.
  • Navdanya - Navdanya’s mission focuses on improving the well being of small and marginalized rural producers through non-violent biodiverse organic farming and fair trade.

United Nations Organizations:

  • World Food Programme - The UN's official organization for addressing hunger and food insecurity around the world.

Further Reading:

  • Genomics and Global Health - A report of the Genomics Working Group of the Science and Technology Task Force of the United Nations Millennium Project. Published by the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics.

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