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Cleaning Our Toxic Nation

Cleaning Our Toxic Nation

History of Superfund
Details of Superfund Act
Current State of Program

Criticisms of Program

Hudson River Case Study

Possible Solutions
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What follows is a list of ideas for programs and initiatives that could be adopted to better support the Superfund program. This list is in no way exhaustive, and no one item alone will solve the myriad challenges we face in remediating toxic waste. It is best to think of this list as a jump-off point for generating creative ideas about reforming pollution remediation laws and programs.

  • Reinstate the environmental income tax for corporations dealing in toxic chemicals to once again grow the Superfund reserve
  • Seek private businesses that may have economic interests in a restored site to help alleviate costs
  • Create a management system that separates large sites, which eat up more than half the Superfund budget, from smaller sites on the National Priorities List (NPL). This change would give communities a more realistic idea of what they might expect in terms of remediation efforts
  • Create a program for dealing with smaller-scale sites in ways that have high returns for marginal costs
  • Citizen action! Start examining the ways in which a Superfund site near you is being addressed. In what ways can the process be improved? Join with community members to support and enhance the clean-up process.

Last updated:  4/30/2007


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