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Bisphenol-A: The Role of the Citizen


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Bisphenol-A: The Role of the Citizen


            In the end, when a mother or father is standing in the infant isle of a local shopping center holding two types of baby bottles – one made of BPA free glass, the other made of BPA laden polycarbonate – which should he or she purchase?  Can citizens continue to trust governmental policy and rely on it to keep them safe, or must consumers begin doing their own kind of citizen fact-finding and regulation?

            When it comes to the safety of BPA and regulation in general, the citizen’s role and duty may be changing.  The confidence of consumers in the safety of the products they use is taken for granted, and this confidence that once made our lives much simpler may be coming to an end.  Ensuring the safety of oneself and one’s family may no longer be able to be fully entrusted to our government.  Instead, this responsibility may now begin to fall into the hands of the citizen, ushering in a new age of citizen science.

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