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CDM- How Clean is the Clean Development Mechanism?

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CDM- How Clean Is The Clean Development Mechanism?


           Countries around the world were or still are, outraged that George W. Bush decided not to sign the Kyoto protocol. The British environment minister Michael Meacher said that "It was signed up to by every single nation on earth, and if America now tries to walk away ... I think this is not just an environmental issue, it's an issue of transatlantic global foreign policy”.

        Many feel that the president doesn’t realize that rejecting the first joint step towards controlling climate change can damage relationships with other countries. The industrialized countries are rich and are so at the cost of polluting the world. When the time comes to fix the damage they can’t turn their backs on the poor countries and refuse them the opportunity to develop. Fighting global warming or climate change cannot be done by one country but requires a global effort. EU Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstroem says: "What is needed now is an international reaction. This is about international relationships, trade, and economics."


         The President of Samoa, Tuila epa Sailele told the United States is a world leader thinking of its "self-interests" and not of responsibilities beyond its shores. Tuila epa said he hoped Bush would change his mind as low-lying islands could be "wiped out" by rising sea levels.

        Many Pacific island atolls, just a few feet above sea level, are facing the threat of disappearing beneath the ocean and they fear devastation by cyclones.



Should the South clean up the North's mess?


Rising sea levels endanger the island states.


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