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Japan's Whaling Problem



Why is Japan continuing JARPA?




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Japan's Whaling Problem

Refrences & Links

Useful Links

Greenpeace - Greenpeace is an environmental organization dedicated to serving many environmental causes throughout the world.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an organization dedicated to the protection of marine species and environments.

International Whaling Commission - An international organization founded to maintain whale populations as well as regulate prices on whale based products.

International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - An international organization founded to recognize species in danger.

Japan Whaling Association - a Japanese organization with the aim of promoting sustainable whaling.

Further Reading

Japan's whaling plan under scrutiny - by Nicholas J. Gales, Toshio Kasuya, et. al.

Needless whale slaughter in the name of science - by the World Wild Life Fund

The Forces that Drive Japanese Whaling - by Chris Hogg reporting for the BBC news

Why Japan's Whale Hunt Continues - by Toko Sekiguchi reporting for Time Magazine

Japan Pushes Whale Meat Revival - By Jonathan Head reporting for the BBC

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