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The Beat of the Oil Drum




Final thoughts

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Final Thoughts

Bringing it all together

These three different focuses; The Meetup, The environmentalist, and the Peak Oiler represent a few of the many ways in which individuals are becoming a part of the Peak Oil Movement. The Meetup represents concerned individuals who want to become engaged by group discussion. These groups are a way to hear what other individuals are doing in their life as well as to have a group of like-minded individuals who want to talk about the implications of Peak Oil. They are spreading to metropolitan areas and small cities around the country. Christopher Childs represents the interconnectedness between environmental movements and Peak Oil. His demonstrates how we can lessen our reliance on oil by investing in alternative technologies and be conscious of the energy we use.  He chose to lower his carbon footprint and intern lower his dependence on oil by promoting alternative energies. My conversation with Thomas Welna represents how individuals can take action and promote resources for others on Peak Oil. He has gotten involved in the movement by educating other about it and promoting solutions to the problems of the future. These individuals in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are making noise in this metro area, which is calling more individuals to listen and look around.

Today people need an outlet for the anxiety and concern they are facing in every day life. It is not enough to pass it off and try not to face the reality of the situation. This pressure was people who were just as concerned and engaged and concerned about the situation at hand.

It is vital that environmental groups and peak oil groups join together because their concerns are overarching. I believe that these two groups need to come together to make a louder reverberation to all concerned citizens. Environmentalists and Peak Oil followers are related fundamentally and one affects the other significantly. There cannot be a divide between groups if there anything is going to be accomplished. And finally we must not rely on innovation that may not come true. It is important to be aware about the amount of oil we use each day and think of alternatives to get away from this lifestyle thinking.

We were making some noise in Minneapolis, it may only be barely audible to a few individuals but that sound is growing, and will continue to reverberate across this city, state, and nation.

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Representation of the oil shortage of the future

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