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rBGH and the mis(Use) of Science

Introduction and Theory
What is rBGH?
Actors Motivations

The Portrayal of Human Health Science

The Portrayal of Animal Health Science

Where Are Our Values?
The Future of the Debate
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rBGH and the (mis)Use of Science

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4. POSILAC Label,
6. POSILAC Label,
11, 12. POSILAC Label,

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For Additional Information

Food and Drug Administration:  Enter rBGH into their search engine for research.

Monsanto: The producer of POSILAC

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility: An organization concerned with the human health hazards of rBGH, claiming expertise through medicine.

Organic Consumers Association: Interested in fair organic trade, sustainability and healthy food choices.

The Center for Food Safety: A citizen organization concerned about the human health effects of rBGH.

The Cancer Prevention Coalition: A citizen organization concerned about IGF-1 and its possible impact on cancer occurrences.

The NOTMILK HOMEPAGE!: An activist website, by Robert Cohen, keenly concerned with rBGH, but also the dairy industry and milk in general.

Sustainable Table: An organization concerned with healthy, sustainable foods for a healthy lifestyle.


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