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Do cell phones cause cancer?


In a world where 4 billion people own a cell phone and the modern cell phone is only decades old, we are just beginning to contemplate and discover the ramifications of widespread use. New scientific data is beginning to challenge older data, setting up a battle over science and over the public good. Already, questions over potential negative health effects are leading to legislative debates and public discussions.

What, though, does the science say? How is scientific research trending? What might be done about any possible health risks from cell phones? Where can I get more information?

The purpose of this website is to examine these questions and provide answers or at least additional information. I recognize this is a controversial issue and I try to offer sincere analysis of the jargony scientific research, as well as measured conclusions to an issue that affects all cell phone users, all 4 billion of us.

Of particular concern in questioning health effects from cell phones is the potential for risk to children. Not only is cell phone ownership expanding geographically but also across ages. Children are receiving cell phones at earlier ages. What effects might cell phones have on the developing brain and body?

Throughout this website, I argue that the research behind cell phones is inconclusive, though it is trending toward highlighting health risks caused by cell phones. Because of the uncertainty, I believe:

  • Consumers should take steps to limit cell phone health impacts until the science is more conclusive
  • Instead of a knee-jerk reaction, legislatures should require radiation labeling on cell phones so that consumers can readily access information available to them.
  • Encourage further research into the question of whether cell phones cause cancer or other health effects, focusing particularly on the effects of long term use and the effects of use by children.

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