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Constellation on the chopping block

What's the big deal?

Background on the Constellation Project

Problems with the program

Time for a change?

Putting the debate in context


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News stories

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Government response and resources

A Renewed Spirit of Discovery.” The White House – President George W Bush.

Fact Sheet: A Renewed Spirit of Discovery.” The White House – President George W Bush.

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Video of President Obama's Address

NASA FY 2011 Budget Overview Fact Sheet (PDF)

OMB NASA FY 2011 Fact Sheet

NASA Authorization Act of 2005

Hatch Predicts Dire Consequences if President Scraps Constellation, Ares Programs- Sen. Orin Hatch, News Room - Speeches.

Websites by and about NASA

NASA Spinoffs page -cool technology that's come out of NASA research

Mars Rover Starts New Chapter



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