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Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Raw Milk

   What are the Benefits?
   What are the Risks?
   Reframing the issue

Local Economies, Small Farms, Consumer Choice

Who is doing the Research and who gets to decide?


References & Links

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In Support of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Cheese

American Cheese Society

Campaign for Real Milk

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Oldways Preservation Trust/Choice of Cheese Coalition

Raw Milk Cheesemakers' Association

The Weston A. Price Foundation

Opponents of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Cheese

Food and Drug Administration

Centers for Disease Control

National Cheese Institute

National Milk Producers Federation

Other Interesting Links

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"Raw Milk Cheese Makers Look To FDA For Understanding"

"Raw Milk Cheese: Risky Food?"

FDA compliance procedures for HACCP

New York Times: Should this milk be legal?

Wendell Berry: "The Idea of a Local Economy"

Raw milk cheese


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