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BiDil: A Case Study of Racial Medicine

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BiDil: A Case Study of Racial Medicine


BiDi's development, approval, and marketing have spurred fervent debate amongst a significant number of actors in civil society. Many stakeholders wield strong arguments for and against racial medicines. While the citizen's role in this application of a controversial science has been rather limited, opportunities for participation are present, primarily through consumer-based opposition and social work striving to achieve equal housing education, insurance, employment, etc. amongst races. It is crucial society continues to fight the social inequalities that truly lead to health disparities.

Further research would be directed toward an empirical survey of BiiDil use: who are BiDil patients in terms of class, location, affordability, etc.? Is it truly exacerbating health disparities amongst the races? Also, a deeper understanding of the FDA requirements for drug approval could be helpful in understanding the legal loopholes that BiDil jumped through if any exist (perhaps it was a legitimate approval). Finally, the future of racial medicines is an inevitable topic for future study. Will there be another racial drug? When? Which race will the next racial medicine target?

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