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BiDil: A Case Study of Racial Medicine

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BiDil: A Cast Study of Racial Medicine

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1) BiDil: Race Medicine or Race Marketing? Sankar and Kahn 

Does Race Exist? Michael Bamshad and Steve Olson 

3) Policy and Practice Implications Arising from the Workshop ‘Classifying Genomics: How Social Categories Shape Scientific and Medical Practice.’  Rodney Taylor 

4) Race, Genetics, and Healthcare. Lynn Jorde and Steve Olson. National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics.

NY Times Examines ‘Controversial Pricing System’ for BiDil,  First Racially Targeted Medication

6) FDA Approves BiDil FDA Press Release 

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1) Social Investing and Consuming Activist Groups and Organizations: database of organizations working toward equality and sustainability of a wide range of topics.

2) National Political Index: database of political activist groups working on a plethora of issues.

3) National Fair Housing Alliance: national consortium of more than 220 fair housing organizations. 

4) Teacher Activist Groups: national coalition of teacher organizations striving to achieve educational equality and justice.

5) The Food and Drug Law Institute: forum for discussion and education on policy and regulation.

6) The Environmental Justice Resource Center: policy and research oganization and database of resources committed to resolving issues of environmental justice in communities. 

7) Citizens League: public policy and civic action forum addressing social inequalities and issues in Minnesota. 

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