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    The controversy around HFCS will continue if the advocates for high-fructose corn syrup continue to publicize dissenting opinions on scientific research that questions HFCS and continue to flood the debate with funded research and advertisements.  Additionally, critics of HFCS will continue to research the substance’s effects and publicize their findings and harsh opinions.  There is no end in sight for this controversy because both advocates and critics can question each other’s scientific research and call for more research to provide further proof for either side. 

    One problem created by this controversy is that in the mean time consumers will continue to eat large amounts of HFCS and will be potentially exposed to the health risks.  Conversely, if HFCS is as the Corn Refiners Association says, just the same as sugar then a normal product is being demonized.  More research is necessary but additionally, a more objective view of the scientific evidence is needed as well.  If advocates and critics alike tear apart each other’s findings then no answer will be found.

    Without a definitive answer about HFCS, citizens should continue to question the contents of their food and cut back on all sugar consumption.  Many experts argue HFCS is similar to sugar in that it is terrible for human health and should be avoided or consumed in moderation because they are equally bad (Laskawy).  The controversy comes down to consumer’s choice and government regulations because those groups ultimately decide if Americans will eat HFCS.


Corn Maze

Figure 6: Child in a corn maze, photo by bill barber

Corn Sweetener Train Car

Figure 2: Corn Sweeteners Train Car, photo by boeke

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